Home Performance with ENERGY STAR in Racine, Kenosha, and Milwaukee – Save 33-75% today!

This is a great program that rewards home owners for having their home insulated by highly trained professionals using only the best materials and methods.  The 33% savings is no gimmick, and when you consider that you have been paying into this program for years why not get some of your money back?

Homeowners that want insulation and other weatherization improvements in Racine,  Kenosha, and Milwaukee counties will earn an immediate 33% savings off the regular cost of insulating their attics, walls, and basements.  The 33% savings is also applicable to many other energy saving improvements, such as: attic plane air sealing, weather stripping of doors, attic roof ventilation,  and the proper venting of kitchen and bath exhaust fans.

Homeowners are eligible for the immediate 33% savings because their house will undergo  a complete energy assessment to make sure all recommended improvements are identified.  This is referred to as a “performance based” assessment that utilizes a blower door and thermal imaging camera (when outside temperatures permit).  Because this program is funded by a state mandated utility tax it can only be used for work that is done properly by highly trained professionals.  Learn more about the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program and why Racine Home Insulators, LLC can offer you this 33% savings while other insulation companies can not.

Save 75% for Medium and Low Income Owners and Tenants – Level II

Homeowners and tenants that earn below the state median income can save 75% off the regular cost of many of these insulation and weatherization improvements.  Learn more at our Level II Home Performance web page.

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