Par/pac system of insulating walls for new construction homes in Racine and Kenosha

Racine Home Insulators, LLC offers a unique method of installing the cellulose insulation in new construction homes. The system is called ParPac and this system uses a 3 ply plastic membrane that is reinforced with tire thread. The membrane does 3 important things:

  1. Encloses the stud cavities to hold the cellulose in place
  2. provides a vapor barrier
  3. the reinforced thread allows the cellose to be blown in more densely

Why is this last item so important? Par PAC allows the membrane to be stretched tight over the wall studs and the insulation to be blown in under pressure so that it is more densly packed than traditional methods allow.  This eliminates the settling of the cellulose that can occur in other cellulose installation methods.

The Parpac membrane is installed over the walls to be insulated and stapled around all of the studs and headers. The membrane becomes “drum tight” and is ready for the insulation.

The next step is blowing in the cellulose insulation. Insulation is blown in to each stud cavity separately. The blower unit allows the insulation to be packed in to 3.5 pounds per cubic foot. This density prevents settling, provides more insulation and deadens sound transmission through the walls.

The advantage of the blown in technique is the ability to completely fill voids and gaps in the walls. Even walls with plumbing, wiring or electrical boxes are completely filled with insulation giving a much higher effective insulation value than is possible with fiberglass batt insulation.

The attic area presents other installation considerations. For instance, in the soffit areas the insulation should not go all the way to the roof line, nor should it cover the soffits. Air must be able to enter through the soffit vents and flow to the ridge vents. This keeps air circulating, the roof cooler and the attic from getting moist.

These areas used to be blocked with fiberglass batts before blowing in the cellulose insulation. But Energy Star certification requires a solution that will prevent wind washing. Racine Home Insulators, LLC uses special baffles that install over the soffit plates and prevent the cellulose from blocking the air flow. These  baffles also allow the insulation to be installed above the top plate, an area that typically is not well insulated and is an area of heat loss in a home.

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