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I know, I know, you really didn’t enjoy that cold shower this morning.  And the unexpected expense of a new water heater makes the day even less enjoyable.  But before you run out and replace that old water heater with the same type, consider the many benefits of a power vented water heater.

What’s wrong with a natural-draft style water heater?

First, the natural draft water heaters require a big hole in your house, usually this is a chimney.  The chimney allows the hot and poisonous combustion gases to exit your living space.  Unfortunately, the chimney hole (flue) is there and open 24 hours, seven days a week.  And all day long conditioned air is rising up and out, even when the water heater is not running.  Its like leaving the window open all winter long and it is a huge waste of money and comfort.

Second, there is no guarantee the poisonous gases are making it up and out of the chimney.   The volume of gases produced may be too great, or they may cool as they try to rise up the chimney, only to sink back down into the basement.   Breathing the odorless combustion gases like carbon monoxide can cause nausea, headache and even death.

What is a Power Vented water heater?

A power vented water heater has a little motor on the top and it blows the combustion gases outside through a 2″ PVC vent pipe that usually exits out the side of the house, usually the rim joist.  The motor has fins, and air can not easily move through the vent pipe unless the motor is running.

As a result, the chimney and resulting open hole can be eliminated.  Equally important, the loss of energy and possible exposure to dangerous gases is no more!

So is there a reason why some people still purchase natural draft water heaters?  Yes, they think they are less expensive to own.  Read why a power vented water heater costs less than a natural draft water heater.



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