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Ever hear someone say “Wow, nice insulation”!

I doubt anyone ever walked into a house and said, “Wow, nice insulation”!  Too bad, because properly insulating a home makes it both more comfortable to live in and less expensive to heat and cool.

And while you can always change the shingles, the counters, the siding, the furnace and the windows, it’s never practical to change the insulation inside the walls or air seal the rim joists.

If you are considering which builder to hire, or if you are acting as your own general contractor, make sure you ask the right questions when it comes to the people that will be designing and insulating your home.  And always have the home independently evaluated by a home energy consultant.  Read why using an energy consultant will insure the work is done right and save you money.

Either way, Racine Home Insulators, LLC is ready to help make sure your “dream home” lives up to your dreams.

Home Builders – Please Read Below

If you are a builder of homes allow us the opportunity to show you how to build a better house at little or no extra cost.  There are Federal tax Credits that more than pay for the additional cost of making the home better insulated than the competing homes on the market.

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