REEP – City of Racine

Did You Know?

A lot of homes built in Racine between 1940 and 1970 were brick construction and had little or no insulation in the walls.

Because brick homes never need to be resided, many of them still have little or no insulation in the walls.

RHI specializes in insulating brick homes from the interior, and we leave your walls surfaces ready to be primed and painted.

RHI is both a Lead Safe Renovator and Asbestos Certified Company

Racine’s Energy Efficiency Program

Racine’s Energy Efficiency Program (REEP) offers upfront financing for energy saving improvements in homes located in the city of Racine. It is available to owner-occupied houses built from 1946 to 1975, and it covers such efficiency measures as insulation, air sealing, furnaces, water heaters, refrigerators and toilets. Homeowners pay for those improvements over a period of years, but payments will be less than estimated savings on energy and water. If a homeowner moves while payments are due, the subsequent owner – who gets the benefit of the improvements – takes over the obligation, unless you make other arrangements in the course of the sale.

After your home has been pre-screened for eligibility, REEP will notify a home auditor, who will set up an appointment to assess your home. Assessments take about two hours.

Following the assessment, REEP will review the findings with contractors and present you with cost-effective improvements. You are encouraged to install all of the identified measures, but in some cases you may be able to choose some but not others. In general, the project must cost at least $1,000 to move forward.

If you decide not to make the recommended cost-effective improvements after the energy audit has been completed, you will be responsible to pay for the cost of the audit. (Audits range in price from approximately $350 to $450).

After you agree on the project, you will sign a work order with the contractor and a financing agreement with REEP. After the work is finished and you begin to enjoy the benefits, you will repay the loan through monthly payments. Prospective buyers of your house will see that you are in the program, much as they would if you had a special assessment for sidewalk repairs.

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