Insulation Basics

air sealingRacine Home Insulators, LLC specializes in retrofitting existing homes and new construction with insulation. We have the experience, equipment and integrity required to do the job right at a fair price. We install only the best materials and follow the most modern methods as dictated by modern building science. Click to learn more about many of our insulation services:  attic insulation, side wall insulation, knee-wall insulation, air sealing and new construction insulation here on our web site.

Air Sealing Basics

Air sealing is much more than sealing leaks around windows and doors. Cold air enters where the house rests on the foundation which allows heat to flow out through penetrations in the attic floor. Sealing these leaks with foam will have a significant impact on improving your comfort and reducing utility bills. Click on the house diagram to see common air leak locations that you should aim to seal, then read more about air sealing here on our web site.

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