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Many homeowners in Racine, Kenosha, and Milwaukee qualify for the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR – Level II program. This program offers a 75% savings on the cost of insulating and air sealing your home’s attic and walls. The total savings can be as high as $2,000. As a result, Racine Home Insulators, LLC can air seal and insulate a typical 1,200 sq-ft attic for only $600.00

Don’t Qualify?  You can still save 33% through the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program.

Income Limits by Household Size in RACINE and KENOSHA
Household Size Annual Income (No Lower Limit) Annual Income Upper Limit
1 $0 $32426
2 $0 $42403
3 $0 $52380
4 $0 $62357
5 $0 $72334
6 $0 $82311

How much will I save? How much do I pay?

Use the table below to see how much a typical home owner can save when hiring RHI to insulate and air seal their attic. In this example we used a 1,200 sq-ft ranch home that had an attic with very little to no insulation. To learn more call Matt Kranich, RHI Owner, today at 262-595-0065

Only $600 to professionally Insulate and Air Seal a 1,200 sq-ft Attic
Activity Regular Cost Savings  Homeowner Pays
Insulate Attic $1600 $1200 $400
Air Seal Attic $800 $600 $200
Totals $2400 $1800 $600

Here are some more program details that make these prices even better:

  • FREE pre- and post- energy assessment performed by a BPI-Certified Trade Ally of Focus on Energy
  • Customized home energy assessment report, identifying current energy usage, suggested recommendations, and how much energy and money you can expect to save
  • Rewards of 75% off of the air sealing and insulation improvements, up to $2,000
  • FREE energy-saving products and installation of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), high efficiency showerheads and water-saving kitchen and bathroom aerators.

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