Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program Overview

Focus on Energy and Racine Home Insulators, LLC (RHI)

Buying your home was one of the largest investments you have made. Improving the “envelope” or “shell” of your home by adding air sealing and insulation is often the most cost-effective way to make your home more efficient and comfortable.  Homeowners that hire Racine Home Insulators, LLC (RHI) receive a FREE comprehensive, whole house energy assessment that qualifies them for the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program.  This is a $400 value!!!  Homeowners that hire RHI and participate in the program receive:

  • A FREE energy assessment performed by our BPI certified Building Analyst.
  • Blower door depressurization test and gas appliance combustion safety testing
  • Instant discounts of up to $1,800

How does it work?

While it’s easy to make small investments in your home to save energy, it’s not always easy to know where the most effective place to start is. The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program is designed to help you decide what improvements will save the most money and add the most comfort.

STEP 1: Contact RHI at 262-595-0065 to schedule a free estimate of cost to air seal and insulate your home. We realize not everyone knows what their house needs or what the approximate cost would be to make each improvement.  Schedule a 30 minute meeting with Matt or Rob (RHI co-owners) for a simple evaluation of your home. We can then prepare an estimate of the work costs.

STEP 2: Accept the RHI work estimate. RHI is a full service Trade Ally of Focus on Energy and our work estimate reflects the immediate 33% cost savings provided by the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program.  When you agree to hire RHI to make improvements you can have confidence that the BPI Certified Building Analyst that will perform the assessment on your home will be on site at all times while the improvements are being made.  As a full service Trade Ally, communication problems simply do NOT exist.

STEP 3: Schedule the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR energy assessment with RHI.  If you accept our estimate of cost by signing a work contract our BPI Certified Building analyst will then perform the FREE energy assessment of your home.  During the whole house energy assessment we will make sure the elements of your home are working in harmony.  Remember, the assessment is required in order to receive the immediate 33% savings through the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program.

STEP 4: Schedule a date for RHI to complete the agreed upon improvements. After reviewing the assessment report recommendations, and selecting those improvements that you want to undertake, RHI will then retrofit your home to make it safe, comfortable and energy efficient.

STEP 5: Check to see if you are eligible for an additional savings bonus. Depending on how much modeled energy savings you achieve from the work RHI completes at your home, you may be eligible for a $200 or $700 savings bonus on top of your instant reward! If you are eligible, Focus on Energy will mail your savings bonus to your home after the all of the work is done.

STEP 6: Enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency. Now that you’ve gone through the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR process, you can enjoy a safe, comfortable and efficient home, while saving on your utility bills!

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