Vermiculite Removal Checklist – Know the Law

All contractors in Wisconsin disturbing vermiculite in attics or walls must: 1) Be a licensed asbestos abatement company in Wisconsin – this is required by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services 2) Allow only trained and Wisconsin certified “asbestos supervisors” to perform the work 3) Obtain a Special Waste Profile and

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Know any Electricians? Prevent them from risk!

Electricians that work in attics may be putting themselves at risk if the attic contains vermiculite insulation. For many decades the hazards of working near vermiculite were largely unknown or ignored, but that all changed in 2009 when the federal and state laws changed. Specifically, the new Environmental Protection Agency

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Is Vermiculite Lurking in Your Attic?

For 70 years vermiculite was installed as attic insulation throughout Racine, Kenosha, and the greater Milwaukee area. Unfortunately, much of this vermiculite was contaminated with asbestos. because vermiculite can’t be reliably tested to be safe the state of Wisconsin has dictated that all vermiculite, regardless of test results, must be

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